Sunday, January 19, 2014

iDezender v3.4

This decoder is not your best option when it comes to errors but is fast. You can put all the script in the “ENCODED” folder and the program decodes only the encoded php files, letting untouched the other files. It has only a few repetitive syntax errors but these became annoying in a large code.

How to use it:
1. If you have just one or two files to decode:
  • you can click DeZend
  • copy and paste your ionCube encoded file on the left screen.
  • click once again DeZend.

2. If you have a large script:
  • open the folder “iDezender_34” and you will find a folder called “ENCODED”.
  • copy and paste your entire encoded script there (does not matter if only some files are encoded and others are not).
  • click “DeZend Directory”.
  • you will find your decoded script in the folder “DECODED”

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